Box Sampler

Box Sampler Installation


Box Sampler is a powerful laboratory tool for sampling from a variety of populations and running dynamic simulations. Box Sampler is an add-in for Excel for Windows and uses the worksheet interface as a platform. It is useful for doing simulation and resampling operations in probability and statistics.

Click here to download Box Sampler.
Installing Box Sampler

To install Box Sampler, run the downloaded BoxSamplerInstall.exe and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. The Box Sampler setup will copy the required files to the specified directory on your computer.

Using Box Sampler

After installing Box Sampler, you can run it from your Start menu. Be sure to “enable macros” when you get the security warning. (Excel’s security must not be set to the “high” level.)

Click here to go to Box Sampler User Documentation. Most of this information is available from the Help menu in Excel after installing Box Sampler.