Box Sampler

Box Sampler Installation Description: Box Sampler is a powerful laboratory tool for sampling from a variety of populations and running dynamic simulations. Box Sampler is an add-in for Excel for Windows and uses the worksheet interface as a platform. It is useful for doing simulation and resampling operations in probability and statistics. Click here to Read More

Download Instructions

Installing Resampling Stats Requires the FULL desktop version of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 (32 or 64-bit), for any recent version of Windows, including XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.   Resampling Stats will run on the Surface tablet as long as the FULL version of Excel is installed.  Resampling Stats will NOT work on Read More


Download free trial versions of Resampling Stats software Resampling Stats Excel add-in – 10-day trial

The Philosophy and Practice of Resampling Statistics

The Philosophy and Practice of Resampling Statistics by Julian L. Simon Preview and Preface Introduction Part I: General Philosophy of Statistical Inference Chapter I-1 – The Role of Statistical Inference in Acquiring Knowledge Chapter I-2 – Statistical Inference and Random Sampling Chapter I-3 – Probability and Chance: Their Nature and Meaning Chapter I-4 – The Philosophical Read More


ATH.xls BABIES.xls BASEBALL.xls BASKET.xls BIRTHDAY.xls BLACK1.xls BOYS&GIRLS.xls Baseball-c.xls Baseball-r.xls Basic.xls Birth.xls Birthweight-pairs.xls CANCER.xls CIGS.xls COINS.xls Clickthroughs.xls DICE.xls DRILLS.xls DRUG.xls ESP.xls F.xls FIRING.xls FLIES.xls Hypnosis.xls INCOME.xls INVENTORY.xls MEASURE.xls News.xls PAY.xls PROTEIN.xls Process_data.xls RAIN.xls SECTY.xls Sweeps.xls TEA.xls VOTES.xls darwin.xls diet.xls faithful.xls mergers9-1.xls mergers9-2.xls reading.xls

Download Excel Add-in

 Resampling Stats Excel add-in allows bootstrapping, shuffling, and repeated iteration of your Excel spreadsheet. To create a bootstrap resample, (a sample with replacement from a data range) simply highlight the data to be bootstrapped, and select the “resample” tool. Specify the size of your resample and where you want it placed, and the Resampling Add-In Read More

Purchase Arrangement Request Form

Purchase Arrangement Request Form I am planning to ask my students to purchase the $29 student edition of Resampling Stats for Excel, licensed for 6 months. I understand that to qualify for this price, a minimum of 8 students must purchase the software. I will purchase my own copy ($99).

Resampling Stats for Matlab Users’ Guide

Resampling Stats in Matlab User’s GuideThese links contain copies of the book in PDF format. They are provided as a convenience to those who wish to examine the book. Preface and Table of Contents Sampling, Resampling, and Inference Making Statements with Precision: Confidence Intervals Testing Hypotheses with Data Updating our View: Bayesian Analysis Checking Resampling Read More

References To Cite For Resampling Methods

References to Cite for Resampling Methods Resampling methods represent a substantial shift in the way statistical inference is practiced. Still, they are based on literature that, in some cases, predates World War II. The methods themselves did not become popular until computers became widely available. Here are some references that can be cited to support Read More